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Lomea art symposium

I slutet av augusti bär det iväg till Bulgarien för workshop i Rusenski Lom Natural Park.

Lomea, the symposium for modern art, was established by Rusenski Lom Natural Park directorate in the year 2000, initiated by the director of the park and bore the name of "Ecoart".
The symposium aims restoration of the cultural traditions in the area of Polomieto through modern art, exhibited on the protected area. The general idea of the forum artists from Bulgaria and various countries have the opportunity to live and work in the beautiful canyon, to visit interesting cultural and historical sites, and to get acquainted to the nature and the traditions in and around the villages they are accommodated in.
An exhibition in the opened is organized at the end of their visit.
For a day the exhibition spot gets full of people, beauty and dynamics.
After the one-day exhibition in the open, the art works are exhibit in a gallery in the town, usually the Ruse Art Gallery.