Lars Åsling

visual artist etc.

Water Tower Festival

Den Holistiska detektivbyrån åker på uppdrag till Sofia 20-25 juni. Medföljande agent är Adrian Åsling Sellius.
Nedan lite info om festivalen.

Water Tower Art Fest is artist-run initiative that started as a small-scale event and grew into the most popular Bulgarian showcase of national and international artists working across all disciplines in contemporary visual art. It gives artists and visitors the opportunity to share ideas and to change the socio-political situation through its socially engaged works created especially for its unique venues.  It also strikes artists and visitors alike with the notion of overcoming the paradigm of our age, one dominated by economic structures prohibiting the inherent and divine right of existence itself.

“Temporary protected spaces” is our festival’s theme for the second year in a row.  It is rooted in the idea of home – or rather the lack of it. The need to rest, recuperate, and communicate freely is the basis of this year’s theme. We will be communicating, while using several disused and abandoned structures in the city of Sofia.

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