Lars Åsling

visual artist etc.

Lomea 2013

Art symposium “Lomea”2013 / August 25 – September 1 / Pisanets, Bulgaria

Art Symposium LOMEA is international annual art event that takes place in Rousse region, which offers a pleasant working atmosphere in Nature. The organizers are providing food and accommodation for the artists during the symposium. Art Symposium LOMEA also provides the materials needed for the realization of the art projects. Art Symposium LOMEA doesn’t cover transportation costs to the participants.
The main organizer of the Art Symposium LOMEA is Milko Belberov - Director of the National Park "Rusenski Lom" within which area the symposium is held.

The motto of the art symposium “Lomea” this year seems a bit pessimistic, but it is a memory in general, which is a kind of ash from what was formerly a process. Etymologically ashes lead to antiquity, the Volcano, the ritual sacrificial fire, etc. In our case, however the history of Roussenski Lom (Lomea) is literally covered by the ashes of time. 


Caitlin and Andrew Webb-Ellis (United Kingdom / Canada)
Hilario Ortega Castillo (Mexico)
Klaus Maehring (Austria)
Lars Åsling (Sweden)
Maria Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Nia Pushkarova (Bulgaria)
Nina Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Peter Westman (Sweden)
Sylvia Bogoeva (Bulgaria)
Tina Horvath (Austria)

Milko Belberov
(Director of ”Roussenski Lom” Natural Park)  

Curators and coordinators:
Dimitar Grozdanov and Penka Mincheva