Lars Åsling

visual artist etc.



1.    Present yourself: What is your name and where do you come from?
2.    Your artistic subject of expression?
3.    What are you going to create at Lomea?
4.    What do you know about Bulgaria and what can you define as typical Bulgarian?

My name is Lars Åsling and born in south of Sweden and live and work in Gothenburg.
Lately I have been combining photography and acrylic painting. In the image I seek a condensation there the visible part of the photography may take new meaning and the hidden part creates a perceptible presence. I usually feel satisfied when I have found an underlying reality in the image.
My idea for Lomea is to make an investigation based on the motto and make a changeable image map with the results. I will work on transparent plates with photography and acrylic color.
What I know about Bulgaria comes from reading and that your history has been really tuff. That It is a beautiful country with good food with a mixture of oriental and European kitchen.