Lars Åsling

visual artist etc.

Sofia 2014

The Holistic Detective Agency


The project is based on revealing what’s not seen and to connect the actual space in the time flow.
Every happening or event makes a change worldwide even though the happening on another continent takes time to spread. The effect of every event that takes place in the world shows itself by presenting unexpected changes to the room and space. The project seeks for these changes and for acts made by previous actors (which don’t mean that it’s only made by humans). The richness in this way of working is the possibility to use the environment and to create tools for the purpose of revealing what’s there, in the actual space, but can’t be seen or heard normally. The tools used by the agency are created by necessity and by seeing what the area needs to reveal former events or events that might be. Events are affected by earlier events and might in turn try to change the coming sequence of events to something more desirable. The future is always unpredictable but actual time lapses might emerge.
The agency works with visuals, sound and performance as tools to conduct an investigation. If the area is, based on our capacity for unrevealing, without any obvious traces, we will produce our own intuitive traces as basis for the work.
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is the inspiration and model.
The Holistic Detective Agency’s employees are all independent agents. Different places require different abilities and for this case, the Water Tower Festival, two agents are hired: Adrian Åsling Sellius with a spatial ability to feel the vibrations of the room and Lars Åsling with great experience in the holistic detective work.
The agency sees this work as a nonprofit act for the world and will start the investigation as soon as we have gotten an approval.

This cooperation between Adrian, with background as a musician and sound artist, and Lars, with history as a visual artist, we think will give the investigation a greater holistic content. We will use different forms of visual as well as audial tools. Lars’ investigation is a photo based project and will use “catchers” made by material from the actual place. Adrian’s investigation will consist of an active “catcher” in the form of a performance on saxophone and sound based objects built by set strings and material from the actual place.
Materials required are: printouts of photography and mounting material, impact drill, superglue, screws, plug, piano string, small wheels, a bow, resin.
Material such as piano string, small wheels, screws and plug is easiest to buy here and bring them with us.

Lars Åsling: (sorry but it’s not all translated except the codes)
Adrian Åsling Sellius:

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