Lars Åsling

visual artist etc.

Sofia 2015

Misson No.4 Sofia. A city in need of love

A city in need of love needs also see the actually love thats present and that is what will be the
case of the investigation.

What positiv feeling can be reveal and how to find them. Where are the expression of love
hiding in spaces in the town. Maybe the agression hide an desperat feeling of wanting to be
a part of someting outside that person ego.

All investigation can fail but that dont mean that the case of investigation is not to be found.
A investigation that fail has its own success by leading to somthing else maybe as importent
as the original intention.

Some hypotesis of what love is
    A will of connection
    A wish of beeing part

Attempt is to find the seeked subject is to mesure the distance.
    From a wall (in this case, Samsa Contemporary Art Museum) i will walk perpendicular in a
    straight line and mesure how long I have to go to find an expression
    of the case.  

    I will use polaroid camera to document the expressions.